Sound Emotes for your stream

Sound Emotes for your stream

Looking for a way to get more subscribers and keep them engaged with your stream? Blerp Sound Emotes is ready to make your stream as fun as you are! 

Blerp Sound Emotes is one of our top sound extensions. Simply create a soundboard of your own voice, best content, and favorite moments, and feature it for your subscribers or viewers.

On, you can create 10-second sounds from Twitch clips, YouTube videos, MP3/MP4 to create your own personalized Sound Emotes!

Select and feature your own boards for your subs or let your viewers search and share 500K+ DMCA approved soundbites from Blerp's library.


How Blerp Sound Emotes helps Streamers Grow:

KayJaylive, with just over 100 concurrent viewers and 5K followers, has over a thousand shares each month! His viewers love his exclusive Sound Emotes, and love to make Blerps from his Twitch clips. Over the last three months, KayJay has seen a 20% increase in subscribers since creating his own Sound Emotes!

What were the keys to his success with Blerp?

-After installing the Blerp extension, he added “!blerp” to his stream title with a command in-chat to help viewers understand what Blerp is, and how to check out his Sound Emotes.

-He created personalized Sound Emotes that he knew his subs would love to share.

-He set the donation price of different soundboards to match his stream.

The Blerp Sound Emotes extension will add more perks for your subs, more engagement and more fun to your stream!

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