Blerp Soundboard for Discord

1 Million + Sound alerts & Soundboards for your discord server.


Blerp Discord Soundboard Bot

Play the dankest audio memes in Discord using our discord soundboard bot and sound effects library.


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Q: How do I add the Blerp soundboard bot to our server?

A: Admins can use the following link to add the bot to your server:

Add Discord Bot

Q: How do I play a blerp?

A: Simply type b!search/ b!play [Search word] in a chat. The bot will either join the voice chat that you’re in or if you’re not in a voice chat it will just link the sound file. You will have the option to select and play from five top soundbites for that search query.

Q: Can I access my own blerps and boards?

A: Yes! You can access your boards with b!board command. You will need the URL of your blerp board that you can get from

Q: Can blerp display more than 5 blerps at a time?

A: Yeah, you can do different commands that return a different quantity of blerps, for example b!search command returns a bunch of different blerps you can play and scroll through using reactions.

Q: How do I make my own soundbite?

A: To make a soundbite go to, sign into your account and click “Create” at the top right corner!

If you need help you can use the b!help command when using the bot, for specific questions you can join our Discord or

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