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Viewers will get beets and can trigger sounds hand picked by you and your mods. Use free soundboards for your stream today. Feature over 1M+ user created sounds fit for any moment. πvirAdd soundboards to your stream with the best sound alerts extension for streaming.

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Channel Points

How to set up channel point sounds on your stream. Set over 50 sound rewards on your stream.


How to Add Bit sound alerts to your stream. The best twitch extension for streaming.


Subscriber WalkOn sounds let you reward and retain your viewers. The best subscriber rewards.


Multiple sounds one Channel Point reward! Create a roulette of sounds to one reward.

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Give your trusted friends Editor Access to your Blerp account to pause Blerp, manage users, and edit sounds!

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Learn how to make more revenue streaming with Blerp's Twitch extension.

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The best way to increase engagement on your stream is with Blerp's Twitch extension.

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Whether catering to families or mature audiences Blerp has settings for your community.


Viewers and other streamers can suggest sounds for your stream directly to you!

Create Your Own Sounds

Create your own sounds directly from Blerp.com! Use your own audio files or create custom soundbites.

What Are Streamers Saying About Blerp?

“I'm serious, I have seen huuuuge growth from blerp. I think more streamers should use blerp.”


Twitch | 21.5K Followers

"The best part is seeing... my chat creating new sounds when they get tired of the same ones being played".


Twitch | 2K Followers

“We love Blerp's because it brings new life to our stream :)”


Twitch | 6.2K Followers

Have more questions?

Learn More About Blerp!

Q: What’s my cut of Beet transactions?
A: Blerp gets 16% of the Beets only at the time a viewer purchases beets. This is far less then the 30% streaming platforms take in addition to the 20% most Twitch extensions take.

Q: Who can use Blerp?
A: Any streamer can use Blerp!

Q: Are the sounds safe for my stream?
A: Feature over 1M+ user created sounds with our review fit for any moment. Only sounds reviewed by our staff and have the review tag are guaranteed safe.

Q: Are Blerp sounds DMCA safe?
A: Yes! By default Blerp's library of 1M+ sounds will not include any music that may be DMCA sensitive.

Q: Does this cost money?
A: Blerp is Free! We have a few premium features that you can subscribe to! We do take a small transaction fee when purchasing Beets. However when a viewer gives beets to your stream you will automatically be paid out!

Q: I'm not an affiliate, can I still use Blerp?
A: The Blerp extension can be used non-contracted Twitch Streamers at a zero bit cost.

Q: Does the streamer need to install this for me to use it?
A: The Blerp extension cannot be used on streams where the streamer has not installed and put the browser source in their streaming software

Q: Can I use this with any broadcasting software?
A: Blerp is supported on any broadcasting software that allows a Browser Source overlay. This includes Streamlabs, OBS, Twitch Studio, XSplit, Lightstream, and more

Q: I already installed Blerp, how can I use the sounds?
A: Head to Blerp.com/sound-emotes to continue where you left off!

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