Blerp for Livestreams


Enable your community to

Share sounds, alerts, and emotes

on any livestream platform. Including Twitch

Facebook Gaming, OBS, Trovo, and YouTube Live


Create the best moments with your community. Sound Emotes are a unique way to grow your stream and engage your viewers while generating more money for your live content. Works on any broadcasting software with browser source.

Highlight your stream and brand your voice!

Record sounds of your voice or create unique blerps from your stream.

Quickly grow your stream.

Blerp is the best way to add an expansive library of sounds to your Twitch, Youtube or Facebook Gaming live stream.

Setup is straight simple.

Easily set your favorite sounds using the streamer config panel.

Use Blerp Sound Emotes with your go to open broadcasting software including StreamElements, OBS live, xSplit, Twitch Studio, and more!

Sound Emotes for your stream!

Sharing sounds is a fun way to engage your fans while adding a unique touch to your live content.

The best meme soundboards for your stream.

The best sound effects soundboard for your stream.

Scary sounds and jumpscare soundboard for your stream.

Do you Currently Stream on Twitch?

Check out our Twitch specific Sound Emotes and WalkOn extension.