Top 10 Phasmophobia Sounds for Trolling

Playing Blerps Adds a Whole New Element of "Scary" to the Game.

Looking to creep your friends out or troll your Discord group while you play together? These Phasmophobia noises are scary, subtle, and perfectly clipped to sound like they happened in-game. From the scary ghost noises to creepy ambiance, we’ve got all the effects you need to spice up your friend group’s Phasmophobia night.

10. Radio static.

Perfectly played at the early stages of a ghost hunt, this will make even the hardest of Phasmophobia veterans uneasy.


Radio Static/Speaking (Phasmophobia)

9. Ambiance.

Play this for someone who thinks they’re alone in the area – the squeaky floorboards and gentle footsteps will freak them out.


Phasmophobia AMBIANCE (background noise)

8. Spirit Box: DIE.

Only the angriest ghosts save themselves for the Spirit Box, and hearing one say “die!” right next to you yikes-level creepy.


"DIE." - Ghost on Spirit Box (Phasmophobia)

7. Banging noise.

Ghosts in the walls, ghosts in the floors; knock knock, hunters, they aren’t messing around… except when you’re the one messing with the other players.


Banging noise (Phasmophobia)

6. Ghost gasp.

Always accompanied by a ghost sighting or activity, hearing this gasp will make everyone in the group start yelling, “WHERE WAS IT?!”


Ghost GASP (ghost appearing suddenly) Phasmophobia

5. Heavy footsteps.

Someone is being chased… but who? This’ll make everyone scream.


Heavy Foosteps (chased by ghost) Phasmophobia

4. Ghost attack/gasp.

Reserved for when someone in the group is already on the verge of crying, this’ll send them over the edge as they try to run from the phantom sound.


Ghost Attack/Gasp (Phasmophobia)

3. Dying sound (ghost got an ally).

This one is subtle, so save it for a moment when everyone is very quietly afraid of what’s coming.


Dying sound (Ghost got teammate in Phasmophobia)

2. Heartbeat pumping (ghost chasing you).

Where is it?! Who is it chasing?! Maybe it’s EVERYONE! This is almost the perfect troll sound.


Heartbeat thumping (ghost stalking you) Phasmophobia

1. AAAAAA (Grudge-type ghost noise).

The loudest, creepiest, and one of the rarest to hear in the wild, this sound is the absolute BEST for jump scares. Use it wisely.


AAAAA (The Grudge-type creepy ghost throat sound) - Phasmophobia

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