How Can Your Stream Make Money With Blerp?

Everything you need to know about getting paid for streaming on Twitch.

Thousands of Twitch Streamers are making money with Blerp – but how can Blerp help you turn your passion for streaming into a lucrative career? 

Blerp is an audio expression platform that allows you to enhance every moment and engage with your audience while you stream. When you stream with Blerp extension enabled, your viewers can click and share audio clips live on your stream. They’ll pay bits to play each Blerp, and those Twitch Bits go straight into your pocket.

To get started, the first thing you need to do is add Blerp to your stream (click here to learn how). Next, set the bit price that best matches your stream: a good rule of thumb is to set your bit price close to your number of concurrent viewers. For example, if you have 10-15 concurrent viewers, we recommend setting your bit price around 15, and for streams with 100+ concurrent viewers, we recommend 150+ or more. The key is a balance, so your community is excited to share their hilarious and perfectly-timed Blerps.

Once you’re all set up, you can start to really customize Blerp to really get your community engaged and sharing bits:

1.    Create your own soundboard. You can create Blerps from your best Twitch clips, YouTube content, and more, or you can upload your own video file to use. Once you’ve made your soundboard, you can feature it for everyone, or keep it exclusive for Subscribers and top fans.

2.    Add !Blerp to your stream title with a chat command explaining what Blerp is and how to use it.

3.    Install Blerp on your component as well as your panel. Streamers who have Blerp accessible with a stream overlay see 30-40% more shares on stream.

4.    Feature content you know your community will love. In addition to your own custom-made soundboards, you have the entire Blerp soundboard database at your disposal, so take the time to find fun and engaging content.

5.    Lastly, we recommend having your mods create a soundboard of their own to feature on stream. This will allow them to add and approve sounds from the community, which can be an incredible resource.

Your next stream with Blerp is going to be a blast, with hilarious clips and excellent viewer engagement that will help your stream thrive. So, install Blerp, sit back and watch the donations roll in. 

To learn more, check out or hit us up on the Blerp Discord channel.


(Be aware, you will need to be at least an affiliate streamer before you can receive bits).