How to install

Set up for success


Blerp Sound Emotes for Twitch

1 Million + Sound effects, Sound alerts, Emotes & Soundboards for your Twitch Stream.


Royalty Free Content

Set the Rating (G-R)

You choose what sounds your viewer can see and share.

Cool down

Set the time between shares

You set the tone and pace of your stream.


Optimize donations

Set the price for the stream and individual Soundboards


Donation log

See who donated what on your stream.

More viewer interactions on your stream ... More BITs

Sound donations live in stream

How do you make the most of the Blerp Twitch Extension?

Educate your viewers

Add a !blerp command to your stream title with a description of what blerp is.

Feature the right content

You know your community, feature the soundboards they will love.

Blerp the Best moments from your stream

Highlight your stream! Have your moderators create unique Blerps from your stream.


Check out our frequently asked questions. Don’t see an answer to the question you have? Feel free to

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Q: Which OBS do we support?

A: Blerp supports any OBS that accepts a URL element.

Learn how

to install Blerp on some popular OBS’s

Q: What about copyright and DMCA?

A: Blerp 10 second soundbites are covered by DMCA as they don’t take away from the original content. We also have a “no music” filter that blocks all music content from being shared on your stream.

Learn more.

Q: What about Music?

A: Quickly filter out any music sounds from being viewed and played on your stream. By enabling the block music filter in the configuration panel under content.

Q: Can I use Blerp even though I’m not an affiliate or partner on Twitch?

A: Yes! In fact some of our most successful streamers have less than 1,000 followers. Small communities that embrace blerp and create their own content have really done well!