Blerp Sound Emotes for Twitch.

Build your community through sharing sound emotes live on stream.

Viewer panel

Use your voice or our library to create the best moments.

Sub only

Sub Only Custom Soundboards

Set soundboards of your choosing for different subscription levels.

Royalty Free Content

Set the Rating.

You choose what sounds your viewers can see and share


Set the Time Between Shares

You set the tone and pace of your stream


Optimize donations

Set the price for the stream and individual soundboards

Blerp Champion


I'm serious, I have seen huuuuge growth from blerp. I think more streamers should use blerp.

Blerp Champion

Sire Wiggles

I absolutely love blerp. Thanks for helping my community grow :)

How do you make the most of the Blerp Twitch Extension?


Educate your viewers

Add !blerp command to your stream title with a description of what blerp is.

Feature the right content

You know your community, feature the soundboards of sounds they love.

Blerp the Best moments from your stream

Highlight your stream! Have your moderators create unique Blerps from your stream.

Connect with our team to learn more.