The Top Classic Video Game Sounds on Blerp

Perfect for in stream or IRL.

“I’m-a Wario! I’m-a gonna win!”

           Because you are, friend – you ARE gonna win.

“Kajit has wares, if you have coin.”

           User stole nothing! User is innocent of this crime!

“Hey, listen!”

           Give everyone gamer PTSD, whether they’re paying attention or not.


           For like, when you run away from your mom at the store and you hear the thunder of her wrath yelling behind you.

1UP Extra Life – Super Mario Bros

           Perfect to use after close calls or second chances.

Alert! – Metal Gear Solid

           The sound alone puts you on alert as soon as you hear it.


           Delivering the SICKEST burn? This is the perfect follow-up. 

Mario Jump

           As iconic as the game itself, the Mario Jump lends itself to EVERY kind of jumping.

Secret Found – The Legend of Zelda

           You scrolled all the way to the bottom and unlocked the secret bonus sound!

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