The Blerp Twitch Extension is Causing a Storm on Chat and Here’s Why.

We launched the Twitch Blerp Extension about a month ago and it has been one of blerp’s most engaging products yet! We have seen entire Twitch chat communities fall over laughing over the newfound engagement that is now happening on

The Blerp Twitch extension enables viewers to play sounds on a Twitch streamer’s stream using Twitch bits. A viewer can select a sound from our vast library of soundbites, audio clips, and soundboards to find his or her favorite clip to play on stream. Streamers and viewers can go onto the blerp website to discover and save their favorite blerps! You will find blerps ranging from funny sound effects to memorable quotes, or even snippets from your favorite songs or tv shows. The content on is curated in a way for you to easily find the most shareable blerps to share with your friends.

Blerp is a powerful tool because the platform holds the ability to empower viewers to create and share content that they personally like or relate to. We have even seen both streamers and viewers use our blerp creation tools to create blerps and build a personalized experience for their Twitch communities to have fun in.

The possibility is endless when using Blerp as a platform for increasing engagement within Twitch Communities. We have seen many different types of blerps used. Blerps can be used to cheer for your favorite streamer or you can even send a boo if you are in the mood to do so. As you can see below, if the Blerp is timed perfectly, the mood that is created within the Twitch chat is priceless.

We have seen blerp’s used in many types of streams. Blerps can be used while casually gaming or even while chatting it up on a mountain setup in the middle of the ocean. We have even seen the Blerp Twitch Extension even used while streaming in VR.

Where we see Blerp shine is when communities are able to use blerps that relate to the community that the Blerp is played in.

It’s even better to use a blerp if it fits the mood that the Blerp is used in. Scaring your favorite streamer may just be a Blerp away. The streamer may not appreciate the Blerp during the moment, but the lit up engagement in chat may make up for the pain that the Blerp caused:)

There are many settings within Blerp Twitch that allows a Twitch streamer to truly control the mood of his or her Twitch stream. You can filter content based on the movie rating of that content. We have content ranging from rated G blerps to rated R blerps. At this moment in time if you create a blerp and want that blerp to appear in search on all Twitch Channels then you will have to wait for our support team to review it. If the case is urgent then you can send the blerp link direct to our support team through our Discord Channel for a review. As a Twitch streamer, you can even make your own soundboards and let viewers only use the sounds from within that soundboard you have chosen. We are working hard every day to improve the Blerp Twitch Extension. We hope to continue to add new features that will make the extension even more fun and engaging for all Twitch communities to use. We are diligent to responding to our feedback form as well as responding to our email ([email protected])

As we continue to enable people to find their voice we hope to push for more opportunities for us to express ourselves in ways we couldn’t before. By simply making it easier for us to find our favorite audio clips and soundboards, we hope to create meaningful moments that open our ability to truly connect with the people around us.

Happy Blerping!

Blerp is the tool that empowers people to be expressive and creative in mediums that we believe are more powerful than GIFS and text. Currently, we are building the engine for people to find, discover, and share fun short audio clips. We are making it easier for people to truly connect and communicate with each other in a more meaningful way. Try out our apps and let me know what you think!

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