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Viewers can pick from Millions of Sounds.
Select sounds from the largest short audio clip library on the internet to play on stream!
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How does it work?
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Viewers can find audio clips selected by you or search our huge library of audio clips to play on stream
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The user shares his or her chosen sound by paying the required amount of bits.
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The sound plays live on stream for everyone to react to.>
*The blerp soundboard twitch extension is a seperate experience from the blerp walk on experience.

The Extension

Earn Bits for Blerps

Set the Price

Set Bit prices for your stream. Earn Bits when viewers share sounds.

Play the Right Sound

Viewer Engagement

Viewers can choose their favorite sounds to play on your stream.

Stream Audio Clips

Content Discovery

Blerp Content Discovery

Amazing Content

Choose from thousands of sounds with new clips added everyday.

Can't find the perfect sound?
Create your own Blerp from popular sources including Youtube, Twitch, and Soundcloud!
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Extra Tip : Panel works when away from keyboard!

Move the extension to offline mode when url is not open

When the extension is offline, share buttons will not appear for viewers in the bottom right corner of the blerp. Viewers can still search and preview sounds from the vast library of audio clips.

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Blerp + Twitch

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