How to upload Blerps (and become famous)

Creating sound bites to send and share with friends is the new cool way to communicate. Not every sound you want (or need to become famous on Twitch) is on Blerp yet. If this is the case, you can search it for it 47 times, and our content team will get it uploaded ASAP, oorrrrr you can upload the Blerp yourself. If you choose to upload your own Blerp, there are a few simple steps to take!

The easiest way to upload a Blerp is to snip it from a Youtube clip. You also have the option of uploading an MP3 directly also. For simplicity, we will just look at uploading from a sound from Youtube.

Step 1: Go to

Obviously, the first step is to go to the Blerp website. You will see a page similar to Image 1. (If you aren’t already logged in, you will need to do that. So that is actually the first step sometimes). Next click on the Create button shown in Image 2.

Image 1: Blerp Home Page

Image 2: Create Button

Step 2: Enter a Youtube URL

Here is the fun part! You will arrive at our upload Blerp page. From this page you can enter the Youtube URL of the sound you want to upload!

Image 3: Enter Youtube URL

I am going to upload the Kim Possible theme song! (I dare you to upload a cooler Blerp than that!)

Once you have typed in a youtube URL, the page will automatically update to the Blerp snipping tool.

Step 3: Snip the sound clip

Image 4: Blerp Snipping tool

Shown in image 4 is the Blerp sound snipping tool. The first six seconds of the Youtube audio will automatically be selected. To change the selection you can type new Start and End times in the text boxes, or you can drag the light blue box which will update the Start and End times.

Once you have selected the exact audio clip you want, press Continue.

Step 4: Add a Title and Description

You have now reached the final step! Congratulations! To complete your upload, you will need to give the Blerp a Title and at least 1 tag. To create a more popular Blerp, adding 5 or 6 relevant tags will help.

You can optionally add an image. To add an image, click on the colored box on the left and select which image you want to upload with your Blerp.

Image 5: Add Title, Tags, and an optional Image

Now you can enjoy your Blerp! This Blerp will appear on your profile. Want to know the best part? Every time that this new Blerp you uploaded(or any of your Blerps) are played, the counter of Blerp Plays on your profile will increase. See how high you can get this number and how popular you can make your Blerps!

Image 6: Blerps Plays and Blerp Statistics

Happy Blerp Uploading!