The Best Music from Naruto

Sad, Awesome, Emotional - we've got it all.

10 - Sasuke: Epic Music

The lone ranger music will always give you flashbacks of Sasuke looking down at Naruto from a cliff somewhere.

9 - Naruto: Sad Piano

This one hits you right in the gut. Who's cutting onions?

8 - Epic Conclusion

I should really label this as, "Epic Commercial Transition Music."

7 - Akatsuki Music

Unforgettable. This music made the Akatuski.

7 - United Theme Music

This ALWAYS played when the team finally reunited. Naruto showed up, the Hokages brought back to life - here we go again.

6 - Girei: Pain's Theme

Listen, and you can instantly picture the hidden rain village, dark skies, and Pain overlooking the city.

5 - Naruto: Inspiring Music

This is probably the #1 precursor to some Shadow Clone Jutsu plan or Hidden Rasengan.

4 - "Man of the World"

You'll usually hear this when Naruto bunches his fists like Arthur, holds back tears and recommits to bringing Sasuke back... again.

3 - "Sorrow"

Man, Naruto has a lot of truly sad moments. Here's another from our favorite orphan ninja!

2 - Naruto overcomes

When our orange hero sees the sunlight after a long battle.

1 - Hidden Leaf Village

Take us back to the days of ramen with Iruka Sensei, sexy jutsu and everyone hating the son of the 4th Hokage (for some reason).

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