How to Mute Discord Audio in OBS

How to Mute Discord Audio in OBS 

If you're a streamer who uses Discord while broadcasting your gameplay on OBS Studio, you know how essential it is to manage Discord's audio effectively. Discord offers a plethora of features that enhance communication during gaming sessions, but it can also introduce unwanted noise and distractions to your stream. In this guide, we'll dive into the details of muting Discord on OBS, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable streaming experience for you and your viewers.

Adding Discord Audio on OBS Studio:

Before we get into muting Discord on OBS, let's first cover how to add Discord audio to your OBS Studio setup. Follow these steps if you're new to OBS and looking to integrate Discord seamlessly into your streaming workflow:

- Navigate to Discord and click on the gear icon at the bottom of the screen to access 'User Settings.'

- In the 'User Settings' menu, go to 'Voice and Video' settings and select your preferred output device (e.g., speakers or headphones).

- Open OBS Studio and choose your desired scene from the 'Scenes' panel.

- Click on the '+' button in the 'Sources' panel and select 'Audio Output Capture.'

- Name the new audio source (e.g., 'Discord') and choose the same audio device you selected in Discord.

- Confirm the settings, and now your Discord audio will be integrated into OBS Studio.

After adding your Discord audio, you’ll be able to mute in from your audio mixer. 

Using Discord Streamer Mode:

Discord's Streamer Mode is a handy feature that automatically activates when you open OBS, providing an efficient way to mute Discord on OBS. Follow these steps to utilize Streamer Mode and enhance your streaming experience:

- Open Discord and click on the gear icon next to your username to access 'User Settings.'

- If Streamer Mode is enabled, you'll see a button indicating so; click on it. Alternatively, navigate to 'Streamer Mode' settings from the left menu.

- In the 'Streamer Mode' settings, toggle on the 'Disable Sounds' option to mute Discord audio on OBS. You can also disable notifications to prevent interruptions during your stream.

- Explore other settings available in Streamer Mode to further optimize your streaming setup and create a more professional broadcast.

By following these steps to add and mute Discord on OBS Studio, you can significantly improve the quality of your streams. Eliminating unwanted noise and distractions ensures a more engaging experience for your viewers, ultimately enhancing your streaming success. 

Experiment with these settings and tailor them to your preferences for a seamless streaming journey. Happy streaming!