Blerp 3.0 Update

Newest Blerp updates and what you need to know

Hey everyone!

We just released our newest update to the Twitch extension. Here's a quick overview of the biggest new changes.

New Viewer Panel

With this update, we wanted content that is featured to be stuck to a specific place so viewers can familiarize themself with the content and be able to access it as quickly as possible.

What does this mean for you as a streamer?

You can now feature collections and individual blerps to specific spaces on your panel. You can have up to 5 pages of content!

Moderator / Editor Permissions

We've heard your feedback and we've delivered! You can now give access to moderators to help approve and manage your blerp extension! Editors can do everything you can from the dashboard including approving walk on sounds, featuring content and blocking users and search terms.

Here's how you add an Editor:

1.Go to the settings tab in

2.Scroll down to Editors

3.Enter your moderator's Blerp URL (You can get their profile URL from their profile on blerp, the last portion of the URL)

4.Select and Enter!

Last but not least we finally added Autoplay for your WalkOn viewers :)

Thanks! We know it might not seem like a ton but we worked hard all summer to bring these to you and hope they can make a difference for you and your stream. As always please hit us up if you have any feedback or run into any bugs (yes we are currently working through a bunch!)