How to Add Your Own Sound to Instagram Reels

A How-To Guide and FAQ

Today, Instagram launched "Reels" (in competition with TikTok), which allows users to create 15 second videos and post them to their feed, found on a separate tab to their profile. 

With the launch of Instagram Reels, we’ve compiled a list of questions you might have: 

How do I add my own sounds to a reel? 

  • Currently, Instagram doesn’t let you directly upload your own sound to a Reel. Instead, the best way to add to your own original sound is to play the sound on your phone while you record the video. 

How do I use someone else’ sound? 

  • At the bottom left of the Reel, you will see an option to click on the song or sound. When you do, you will see other videos made with that sound and a the button that says “Use Audio” 

How do I see my Reels? 

  • After you’ve created your first Reel, you will see a third tab in the middle of your profile to view all of your Reels! 

If Reels are not active on your profile, here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Watch the Instagram story announcing Reels
  2. Make sure your profile is set to Public

After you’ve done that, click on “new story” and the “Reel” slider should appear.

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