Blerp Desktop App FAQ

Blerp desktop frequently asked questions

Blerp Desktop App Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I set a shortcut sound? 

A: Go to the Shortcuts menu. Scroll down to shortcuts click “ + “. You will see the “Adding new shortcut” banner at the top. The next blerp you select will be binded! 

Q: How do I add a sound to a chat wheel? 

A: Go to the Shortcuts menu. Select a spot on the wheel. Click “Search new sound to add”  

Q: How do you remove a sound from a chat wheel or shortcut? 

A: Simply highlight over the sound and click the trash can to remove it. 

Q: How do I add a sound I created as a hotkey? 

A: Click “Add new shortcut”, click “Blerps” under My Library then select your Blerp! 

Q: How do I connect the Blerp desktop app to play on my discord chat? 

A: You can play Blerps in any voice application. To play Blerps in Discord. Open the discord app, right click on the discord michrophone icon and select the Blerp Microphone. You can now share Blerps! Still can’t hear the blerp? Checkout our troubleshooting guide for common problems and solutions!

Q: Can I manage my stream sound emotes from here too? 

A: Yes! You can access it from the Streamer settings on the left menu. Stream settings will only be visible if you’ve set up a Blerp streaming extension. 

Q: Do you do a free trial?

A: Yes, you can start your free two week trial today. Click here!

Q: Can I set any Blerp as a Shortcut? 

A: Yes! Choose from over a million Blerps to quickly share via shortcuts. You can also create your own too.

Q: What is your pricing? 

A: You can see a full list of our pricing here: Blerp Pricing

Q: Can I use it on mac, windows or Linux?


Q: Do I need a Blerp account?

Yes, In order to use the desktop application you do need to create a free blerp account.

Q: Will it work with any audio file?

We support most major audio codecs. For more info see our creation page at

Q: What’s it cost?

Free, or $2.99 for the full feature set

Q: How do I share a Blerp without Shortcuts?

You can share a Blerp in two easy steps,

  1. first select the box around a Blerp, In the lower left you’ll see your selected Blerp.
  2. Then click the share button below the Blerp in the lower left to share it through your active outputs. I.e output 1, output 2, discord, obs etc.

------Future updates------

Q: What if I already have a collection of audio files already?

You can upload via our soon to be updated creation page. We support all popular audio formats and let you quickly upload multiple files to Blerp.

Q: How do I set up the driver? 

A: the driver is installed with the blerp app right when you downloaded it, you’ll see an option to install driver where you can choose to add it or not depending on your computer setup.

have any other questions? Please reach us at [email protected] or join our discord!