Why Should I Use Blerp?

Let some of our top streamers tell you.

Blerp is an audio expression platform designed specifically with streamers in mind. Our Twitch Extension and Sound Emotes integrations are built to increase your streamer engagement, encourage creator donations, and boost viewer retention and subscribers. We do this by creating a unique interaction between you and your viewers, allowing them to play sounds, quotes, songs, and every other kind of audio to make a joke, try to scare you, or just add something new to the stream.

But, don’t just take our word for it – the best way to see how Blerp can really help your stream is through user testimonials from some of our most successful streamers.

Katy Bentz (Twitch username katybentz), known for her role as Steph Gingrich in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, is a variety streamer who said, “I don’t think I’ve had a stream where I don’t hear a Blerp.” In a recent interview, she said that her extension revenue has grown 318% since installing Blerp on her Twitch stream. “I would say that… I am definitely doing better with Blerp on my channel.”

Twitch partnered streamer kayjaylive_ has also seen enormous growth after the installation of the Blerp Extension. “When I first installed Blerp on the channel I was only at 1,500 followers, now I am sitting at 10,600.” A full-time streamer with a consistently-growing subscriber count, KJ started with a small community, just like any new Twitch Streamer. However, “Upon first adding [Blerp] to my stream, it made a very large impact on my income and was one of the reasons I was able to do streaming full time so early.”

Blerp has the power to change the way you stream for the better with its powerful use of audio expression. With Blerp, you can take your passion for streaming to the next level and grow your audience through the unique use of audio reactions. Grow your stream, increase your revenue, and start using Blerp today.


To learn more about Blerp on Twitch, click here.

To use Blerp on other platforms like Facebook Gaming or YouTube, click here.

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