Twitch Sound Emotes 2.0 Update Info

Everything you need to know.

Blerp Sounds Emotes 2.0 Launch

New updates are coming your way early November 2020! Here’s everything you need to know:

View the Twitch extension here



           Users with a Blerp account can now access their personal accounts in-stream on Twitch. That means once you sign in, you don’t have to search for your stuff anymore, it’ll be right there and available to use**!

           *Your usable content must match the rating of the Stream.

           ** Your account will only be available on streams that don’t use Simple Mode (more below).



-Simple Mode

Simple Mode is live! The easy to use and straightforward layout is perfect for “set it and forget it” streamers looking for an easy solution for Blerp. Only Blerp recommended and custom sound boards can be used in Simple Mode, and the list of boards is completely customizable. Add up to eight custom-made sound boards, or keep the list of Blerp’s recommended boards for the chat to use in-stream. (Recommended Boards are the default in Simple Mode, but they can be easily removed if they don’t fit the stream.)

           Because Simple Mode is a trimmed-down version of the full Blerp extension, users won’t be able to access their accounts in any stream using Simple Mode. The only available Blerps will be the ones the streamer has personally approved for their stream.


-Simplified Stream Setup

           Rather than copying and pasting a URL for Blerp to work in-stream, setup now has a widget that can simply be dragged and dropped into OBS to activate Blerp. Once dragged in, Blerp will be active, no further fiddling required*.

*Widget currently only works with OBS – Twitch Studio and Streamlabs will still require the standard URL setup.


-Customizable Blerp and Board Prices

           Pricing customization has been updated with more flexibility. Now, not only can streamers set a price to unlock a whole sound board for use, they can also set the donation and bit price of each individual Blerp. Blerps on buyable boards can be priced differently too; jump scares might cost more than creepy footsteps, or whatever the streamer decides.

You can also add tiers to the boards – for example, you can unlock different sound boards for subscribers in Tiers 1, 2, and 3. Doing this could allow Tier 2 and Tier 3 followers to access a more exclusive collection of boards than Tier 1 followers. The prices within the tiered boards can also be totally customized to fit your streaming style.


-Updated Blerp Configuration

           Once you’re logged in, Config will now automatically show your boards and favorites without having to search for them in the extension.


-Blacklisting/Blocking Ability

           Streamers can now blacklist specific sound boards or Blerps from being used in their stream. The “blacklist” option will be available in config, and will help streamers enforce their chat rules with Blerp as well by blocking certain words, phrases, slurs, or anything else.

           Followers and viewers can now also be completely blocked from accessing Blerp. If a certain viewer is constantly breaking the stream rules, they can be blocked from using Blerp entirely, so you don’t have to babysit their contributions.

           If you’d like to use a sound board that was created by someone else, but don’t like one or two of the included Blerps, those Blerps can be hidden by clicking the eye icon. Hiding them will keep them from being found or used by viewers.


-Cooldown Customization

           Blerp is also maintaining and improving features like the user cooldown adjustment tool, which puts you in control of how often Blerps can be played by each individual user during your stream. Each user’s cooldown can be set to hear no more than one Blerp every few minutes, or can be taken all the way to 0 if a Blerp barrage fits the vibe of the stream.

Learn more about the Twitch extension and download it here

Other updates:


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