Top 5 Reasons We All Love Paul Rudd

(Spoilers: It’s Literally Just Clips from His “Certified Young Person” PSA)

5. I wish you really were my fam, Paul.


Let's real talk - Paul Rudd

4. More convos should include shutting up and masks.


I'm not gonna preach - Paul Rudd

3. Don’t mind me, just making “you’re so my bae!” my text ringtone.


You're so my bae! - Paul Rudd

2. This is so delightfully wrong that I want to slide into his DMs.


Slide that into your DMs - Paul Rudd

1. This one just hits deep – other people suck, but not you, Paul. Not you. My heart is thicc for you.


Caring about other people - Paul Rudd

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