Things That Make Phasmophobia Scary Good

Horror Elements and Sounds Work Together To Chill Us To The Bone

The Tools

           No Ghost Hunter goes into a haunted house unarmed, and neither should you. Armed with a trusty flashlight (great for catching glimpses of moving shadows), a thermometer (all the better since you can’t feel the cold), and a myriad of other supplies like snuff sticks, cameras, candles, and even upgradable equipment, your chances of catching the ghost without dying are much higher with the right tools.


Flashlight Click (Phasmophobia)

The Ambiance

           It’s creepy, it’s unrelenting, and it’s always there; from the minute you step foot in whatever haunted building you’re investigating, the atmosphere completely swallows you, pushed on by the soft, unsettling ambiance. It’s the perfect complement to the heavy footsteps, soft speaking, and flashes of spectral rage.


Phasmophobia AMBIANCE (background noise)

The Interactive Environment

           How do you know if a ghostly presence is nearby? They don’t always present themselves in an obvious way. Phasmophobia does an awesome job of making you just uneasy enough that any kind of unexpected interaction is the ultimate scare – like a creaky floorboard, a door slamming, or a clock radio suddenly blasting static.


Radio Static/Speaking (Phasmophobia)

Being Hunted

           Most of the paranormal activity you’re hired to investigate has been violent, which means the ghosts you’re hunting are actually hunting you. No, really – the actual term the game uses to describe being chased by a ghost is “hunted.” If that fact isn’t creepy enough, the heartbeat you hear pounding against your eardrums as the spirit stalks you will shoot panic down your spine before you even see them coming.


Heartbeat thumping (ghost stalking you) Phasmophobia

The Ghost Sounds

           The beauty of the ghost noises in Phasmophobia is how subtle they can be. Chilling, they’re not always the loud screams accompanied by screeching violins that we’ve all come to expect. They’re often soft gasps, ethereal speaking, or even total silence – which, coupled with the tone and atmosphere that has been grating on the player since the moment they step through the door, is enough to make the most seasoned horror fanatic scream.


Ghost GASP (ghost appearing suddenly) Phasmophobia


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