Soundboards: a Surprisingly Perfect Tool for Online Teaching

How to your online classes more fun and more engaging.

The transition into 2020’s new teaching style was abrupt, unexpected, and definitely not easy. Students across the world were sent home and expected to “log in” for class every day, while teachers were thrown into the Wild West of online classes, materials, and subject matter. It hasn’t been easy for either side, but it seems that teachers got the short end of the stick, especially when dealing with more difficult students, passive parents, or more “dense” subjects.


To be honest, I don’t think anyone actually enjoys having classes over Zoom, but all you educators out there have done an excellent job trying to make it fun. For those of you who’ve hit your stride, we salute you. But, for those still struggling to find a means of better engaging their students, there’s Blerp: an audio enhancement tool full of audio memes, funny movies and TV clips, high-quality sound effects, and more.


Using a Blerp during an online lecture is more than just playing a sound – it’s getting your class to laugh, or bringing them back into the moment. You can use them to tease, to express disappointment, to praise, or simply to educate – the possibilities are limitless with Blerp. Teachers are already utilizing Blerp in this way, and many have created their own “starter” boards for all-around use during class.


Creating a Blerp account is easy and gives you access to soundboard creation, where you can not only gather your favorite Blerps for use, but create your own using your favorite teaching tools, your own voice, or anything else you think would add to your classes. You can work Blerp into your regular teaching schedule, use it as an assignment resource, or just use it for fun – whatever you end up doing, Blerp is sure to put a smile on your student’s on-screen faces.


Check out some of our favorite teaching boards:

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