Introducing Developer Updates

Introducing Developer Updates 

Hello Blerpers! 

As a team we've decided to begin releasing regular updates regarding product creation and development. Beyond just bullet points, bug fixes, and improvements, we want to talk about what features we're prioritizing, how we're addressing changes, and why we're making the decisions we are. Ultimately, we hope this serves to give our users a voice and opportunity to give open, candid feedback about Blerp products.

Each month's notes will contain one major Developer Update and a minor follow-up release two weeks later. Users will be invited to contact us over listed media channels with concerns or feedback regarding these notes at any time

June Update: 

Table of Contents

1. How we’re keeping your Channel safe

2. “Unlisted” and “Private” content updates

3. Twitch Sound Emotes 3.0 updates

___3a. Front End overhaul

___3b. Editor Permissions!

4. NEW! Product: Blerp Desktop App

Blerp Content Moderation Changes

1. Blerp Streaming: Keeping your channel safe

We’ve had a lot of questions about how our rating system sorts content and what content we filter out. Before we discuss updates, let’s review how Blerp Rating and Search currently function. 

Current Policy

Blerp’s library of 250K+ sounds for Twitch are all Rated manually by our team

- Rating Guidelines:

---- G: Appropriate for all ages

---- PG-13: Parents urged to be cautious. Some material may be inappropriate for teens. No swearing. Mild adult content.

---- R: Contains adult material. Swearing, sexual innuendo, contextual violent speech.

---- NC-17: Clearly Adult. Very Vulgar, sexual or violent.

Blerp filters out ALL music content from search (Two exceptions below) 

- Streamer features content 

- Blerp has DMCA licensing and it’s marked as DMCA Free

Blerp blacklists and blocks search terms that are harmful, racist, or could hurt marginalized groups.

Details on Blerp Content Ratings

2. Key changes we’re making to further address content safety: 

Blerp has created a new Unrated and Private functionality 

- Unrated: This Blerp has been deemed unsafe and can be used to hurt or marginalize. It will not be searchable on Blerp’s database (unless you enable “Unrated” search. 

- Private: When you create a Blerp, you will have the option to mark it as “Private”. This means that the Blerp will not be searchable or shareable EXCEPT in places that the owner of the Blerp features. For example, you can feature it on your Twitch, Facebook gaming, or Youtube gaming live stream, but no one else can.

3. Big new Blerp Streaming updates: 

In the coming months Blerp will be focusing more resources on revamping our Blerp extension with highly requested features and a design update.

New viewer panel/component interface:

- More organized featured content for Twitch

- A new way to organize Blerps viewers will see on your extension

---- Pages. This means Blerps will show up in the same place every time, making it easier for streamers to select which Blerp they want and where it shows up on the grid. 

- New Settings screen with easier access directly from

- Editor Permissions: This new editor role will allow selected users to manage various aspects of a streamer's Blerp sound emotes settings. 

---- Manage featured new content 

---- Approve and deny Walk On sounds

---- Turn Blerp on and off 

---- Manage users (Blacklist) 

- Walkon Updates:

---- Auto approve for creators

---- Walk on Auto-play functionality for viewers. This has been highly requested and we're excited to bring this flexibility for you all.

---- More granular control based on subscription level

4. New Products: 

Blerp Desktop App. Your voice chats and games will never be the same! You can now play Blerps via shortcuts and chat wheels seamlessly while you game! Get a sneak peek here: Blerp Desktop App Beta

If you’re interested in joining the Beta, let us know! We’re releasing the full version next month.

Other feedback? Want to talk to a Blerp Representative? Join our Discord