Everything You Need To Know about Blerp on Twitch

Details and How-To's for the Blerp Twitch 3.0 Release.

The Blerp Twitch Extension has all the features you need to elevate your stream. Here’s what you need to know to get set up and ready to use Blerp.

First, some information for Users.

Users with a Blerp account can access their personal accounts in-stream on Twitch, as well as Walk On, Channel Points Preview, and featured content from the menu. On streams using Standard Mode, users are also able to search and view their personal content. 

Now, let’s customize Blerp to make it perfect for your stream.

Simple Mode is an easy-to-use and straightforward layout perfect for “set it and forget it” streamers looking for an easy way to utilize Blerp. Only Blerp’s recommended and custom sound boards can be used in Simple Mode, and the featured boards are completely customizable. Add up to eight custom-made sound boards, or keep the list of Blerp’s recommended boards for your viewers to use in-stream. (Recommended Boards are the default in Simple Mode, but they can be easily removed if they don’t fit the stream.) 

           Because Simple Mode is a trimmed-down version of the full Blerp extension, users can’t access their accounts in any stream using Simple Mode - only Blerps that have been approved by the streamer are available. 

Standard Mode is the extension default. It contains the familiar side of Blerp and allows all the same customization with some extra freedom for your viewers. You will still be able to feature boards, but in addition to that, the “search” option will be open and available to everyone. You also have the option in Standard Mode to block music from being played in your stream (this Block Music beta is automatically applied in Simple Mode) - however, if you feature a board with music, it will be available, regardless of the setting.

   Beneath your mode settings you’ll see the option for Universal Bit Price as well as an option for Blerp Blast cost. Each of these options can be tailored to fit your stream. If you want to encourage more sharing, set your bit price lower, or if you’d like each Blerp to be perfectly timed, keep the price higher. 

   Be sure to set a Maturity rating that fits your stream - keep things family-friendly with a PG rating, or really ramp up the possibilities by choosing “UR.” 

Now, over to the soundboards side where you can not only feature your favorite soundboards, but choose custom bit prices for each featured board. To remove featured boards, click the “edit selected soundboards” option and click the “x” on the top right corner of the board you want to remove. To add a new featured board, scroll down to “add a soundboard” and either search or choose from the drop-down menu to find the board you want to feature. To add it, click the “add” icon on the top right.

To change the bit price of a certain board, click the “edit selected boards” option and use the drop-down menu to customize the price. You can make screams cost more than memes, or whatever you want - it’s all up to you and how you want to run your stream.

You can also choose how much each individual Blerp on a board costs, and even which Blerps can be seen on a specific board. Want one of the Blerps on a certain board to feel like a “Premium” Blerp? Up the bit price by clicking on the soundboard and choosing the “edit Blerps” option at the top. Love a particular soundboard, but not one of the Blerps it includes? Hide it by clicking the eye to “closed” in the same menu.

Now moving from the “Content” tab to “Sharing,” there are options for Cooldown, volume, and more.

The User Cooldown function lets you take a breather between Blerps, if you so desire, but can also be set to 0 if you love a more chaotic feel. 

The Volume option can be adjusted higher or lower to fit your stream style. 

You can also choose whether or not you want to post a Blerp notification to chat each time a viewer plays one. If you want to build the anticipation or make it impossible to tell if it was a Blerp or real life, this is a great setting to utilize. 

Also under this tab is your channel’s Blerp history, where you can see what user played which sound. This is especially helpful for Blacklisting users or certain Blerps. 

More blocking options are available under “Blacklist,” where specific sound boards or Blerps can be blocked from being used in-stream. This will help streamers enforce their chat rules on Blerp by blacklisting specific words, phrases, or anything else.

With WalkOn, you’ll have the option to allow your followers to announce their presence with a Blerp each time they visit your stream. 

   You can customize how often a WalkOn sound can be played, and choose whether WalkOn can be used by anyone or only by a certain Tier of Subscriber. You can also whitelist any users you choose to give them access to WalkOn sounds, regardless of subscriber status. 

Each setting is customizable and something you approve - users will submit their requested WalkOn sound, but it won’t go into effect until you personally approve the Blerp they’ve chosen under the “Review” section. You can see the list of viewers with approved sounds under “Users,” where you can also see all the Blerps they’ve submitted and which have been accepted or rejected. 

Twitch Affiliates and Partners have the option to use Blerp’s Channel Points integration, a system that helps you reward your viewers for their interaction and contribution to your channel. 

With Channel Points, you can select up to 50 sounds to feature in the Channel Points menu, create collections of Blerps within the rewards to organize them, and set a point price for Blerp redemption, just like the standard Blerp settings.


With this tool, viewers can preview the sound in the Blerp extension and redeem their channel points through the Chat menu. We recommend having 15 Blerps active for Channel Points use at a time, but keep in mind all Channel Points options can also be quickly flipped on or off in order to better match the feel of the day’s stream. 


In the “Global Settings” menu, you can set blanket customization settings across all Channel Points.

With Simple Stream Setup, adding Blerp to your OBS is, well... simple. Rather than copying and pasting a URL for Blerp to work in-stream, setup has a widget that can simply be dragged and dropped into OBS to activate Blerp*.

*The widget currently only works with OBS Studios – Twitch Studio and Streamlabs will still require adding a new browser source. 

That’s it! Blerp is a simple, streamlined, and super effective solution for enhancing your content and engaging your viewers. If you ever have any questions, or if you have feedback or suggestions, join the Blerp Discord.