All-Time Creepiest Five Nights at Freddy’s quotes

“You won’t die… but you’ll wish you could.”

Seriously one of the most terrifying threats I’ve ever heard: you’ll be subjected to something so horrific, so painful, so terrifying, that you want to die… but you can’t. Pass.

“I always come back.”

Let me just “nope” right out of this one. Stay dead, please!

“Let’s taste death again, and again, and again…”

Dying in screaming terror once is enough for me. No need to keep torturing my soul with eternal murder.

“Shh… it will all be over soon.”

I don’t care who says it, my dentist or an insane murderous robot – the psychological terror that this phrase inflicts is why I need therapy.

“Let’s see how many pieces I can cut you into.”

It’s not creepy enough to make the sentient animatronics of a children’s restaurant murderous. No, they also have to be demented serial killers who enjoy the thrill of the kill. (Gag)

“What a fine day to come here and say that your face and flesh I must flay…”

What makes this so creepy is not just the talk of flaying flesh, but also the fact that he’s singing about flaying people. That’s messed up.

“We always find a way inside.”

This one gets you right in the paranoia. Boarded up windows, welded doors and padlocked handles? Minor inconveniences. They’ll squeeze in through the vents.

“I kidnapped you.”

Honest, simple, straightforward, and everyone’s worst fear.

“Let me put you back together, then take you apart all over again.”

Endless pain is definitely pretty high on my “biggest fears” list.

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