Blerp Sound Emotes

Your Monetizable Engagement Solution for Facebook Gaming and YouTube Streaming.

Are you looking for a new way to connect with your viewers? Do you wish you could turn your passion for streaming into a pastime that actually makes money? Now you can with Blerp Sound Emotes, the all-encompassing solution for better viewer engagement and monetization on any streaming platform. With Sound Emotes, viewers can play Blerps to a YouTube stream, Facebook Gaming stream, or directly to a computer, creating a whole new world of interaction.

Here’s everything you need to know to get started on

First, go to and sign in with your Blerp account. The very first prompt will be to add Blerp to your OBS system - this is how Blerp communicates with your stream. If you’re using OBS Studio, connection is as simple as dragging and dropping the widget into the program. If you’re streaming with something else, copy and paste the URL in the box on the left, then paste it into your streaming program as a browser source to connect Blerp and activate the use of your Sound Emotes page.

Once you're connected to your OBS, be sure to customize your Blerp URL in the same "Setup" menu to make your Sound Alerts page easy for your subscribers to find. Then, copy and paste it into all your streaming descriptions, titles, bios and everywhere else so your followers know where to go to support and engage with you.

Now you’re ready to set up your own Sound Emotes page, where you’ll notice a few new symbols. The driving force behind Sound Emotes is Beets, Blerp’s very own digital currency. Beets are used to share sounds to your livestream (with other ways to utilize Beets coming soon). Once viewers trade currency for Beets, they’ll be able to use those Beets to share Blerps live on your stream. 

Much like the Twitch Extension, all Sound Emotes settings are completely customizable. To start setting up things the way you like them, click the “Settings” option in the top right of the page. From here, you’ll be able to configure the Sound Emotes experience.

First, let’s look at the two streaming modes, Simple Mode and Search Mode. 

1.   In simple mode, only your featured and favorite sound boards will be available to your viewers. This keeps the Blerps played on your stream completely under your control.

2.   Search mode allows your viewers to search for and share millions of Blerps from our extensive database. All of our Blerps are rated (G-UR), and you can set the rating to match what you want played on your stream. You can still feature soundboards in this mode. 

Right underneath you’ll find “Beet amount,” which is the universal control for how much it costs to play Blerps on your Sound Emotes page and your stream. We recommend 10-15 Beets for smaller streams, or upwards of 150 for much larger streams. How much it costs is totally up to you - and the best part is, anyone who uses Blerp gets 100% of the proceeds donated through Beets! 

We strive to keep all of Blerp’s content DMCA-compliant, but if you’d like to be cautious with music, or if you’d just prefer no music on your stream, click the option to block all sharable music on Blerp. (This option is a beta, so if you ever have feedback, we’d love to hear it.)

At the bottom, you’ll find the “Maturity Rating” setting - this controls what kind of Blerps make it into your stream. To keep things family-friendly, you can choose “PG,” or to open the entire world of Blerps to your followers, choose “R.”

Now, over to the soundboards side where you can not only feature your favorite soundboards, but choose custom Beet prices for each featured board. To change the Beet price of a certain board, click the “edit selected boards” option and use the drop-down menu to customize the price. You can make your personal soundboard cost less to play, or jumpscares cost more - it’s all up to you and how you want to run your stream.

o   When we say “customizable,” we mean customizable. Not only can you choose which boards to feature and the cost of each board, you can also choose how much each individual Blerp on a board costs, and even which Blerps can be seen on a specific board. Want one of the Blerps on a certain board to feel like a “Premium” Blerp? Up the Beet price by clicking on the soundboard and choosing the “edit Blerps” option at the top. Love a particular soundboard, but don’t want one of the Blerps on it to be played? Hide it by clicking the eye to “closed” in the same menu.

Whether you’re in Simple Mode or Share Mode, you can still feature boards for your followers to choose from. To remove featured boards, click the “edit selected soundboards” option and click the “x” on the top right corner of the board you want to remove. To add a new featured board, scroll down to “add a soundboard” and either search or choose from the drop-down menu to find the board you want to feature. To add it, click the “add” icon on the top right.

Under the “Sharing” tab, you can set the cooldown time for the entire stream, as well as set the volume for all incoming Blerps. 

In the “Blacklist” section, you’ll be able to block specific searches within Blerp. This gives you the ability to censor certain words from being searched, and you can block specific Blerps or boards from ever being played on-stream. 

You’re all set up, connected, and ready to stream, so the last thing to do is learn how to share Blerps! Depending on your settings, your viewers and followers will be able to view and browse your featured boards and use the search bar at the top to look for whatever Blerps they want. To preview a Blerp, just click the “play” button in the middle of it. To actually share a selected Blerp, click the “Share on Stream'' option on the right side of the screen. 

When a Blerp is shared, a secondary option to donate Beets will pop up. This is an option for your followers to donate even more revenue to you, their favorite creator. In fact, 100% of the Beets your viewers spend on Blerps go directly into your pocket, making it the perfect streaming partner to increase viewer engagement and participation while also helping you monetize your passion.

And that’s it - everything you need to know about Sound Emotes. Sign up now at, and join the Blerp Sound Emotes Discord server to ask questions, get help, or promote your stuff with other streamers and creators.