Blerp Channel Points - Everything You Need to Know

Make Your Stream Even MORE Awesome.

Twitch Affiliates and Partners have the option to use Blerp’s Channel Points integration, a system that helps you reward your viewers for their interaction and contribution to your channel. 

With Channel Points, you can: 

Select up to 50 sounds to feature in the Channel Points menu, create collections of Blerps within the rewards to organize them, and set a point price for Blerp redemption (just like the standard Blerp settings).


With this tool, viewers can preview the sound in the Blerp extension and redeem their channel points through the Chat menu. We recommend having 15 Blerps active for Channel Points use at a time, but keep in mind all Channel Points options can also be quickly flipped on or off in order to better match the feel of the day’s stream. 


In the “Global Settings” menu, you can set blanket customization settings across all Channel Points, which can help to keep things simple and easily integrated.

For more help setting up and using channel points, check out our set up video here: