Blerp Emerging Media Scholarship


About Blerp Inc. is the search engine for sound bringing audio expression to millions of people. Blerp is the easiest way to add audio to any moment through its integrations inLivestreams, Voice chats, and Messaging.

We’re deeply passionate about the future of expression and how people connect as new technologies arise and are adopted. Blerp is supporting students on their education path with the announcing of their scholarship essay contest - the Blerp Emerging Media Scholarship. The essay winner selected will be awarded $1000 towards their studies.

Today there is more than 1.5x audio content consumed than any other form of media. We see a world where sound is able to enrich and enhance any moment. Blerp reaches over 2.5 million viewers each week through its integration on Twitch and hundreds of thousands more through its integration on Discord.


At Blerp, we believe in fostering a community of diverse thinkers who work hard to innovate new ideas that change the world. We believe in building communities where people aren’t afraid to stand out, take risks, and be different. We work to build these environments because we believe that people who have courage to take risks and chase their dreams have a higher chance of adding value to this society.


Any student who fits the eligibility requirements listed above can apply for the Blerp Emerging Media Scholarship. To enter, student must submit a 500- 700-word essay, or a video (less than 3 minutes long) on one of the following topics:

Topic 1:
How has live streaming and gaming changed the way we consume media?

Topic 2:
What unique characteristics about sound alone convey a message differently than video or text?

Topic 3:
Why is self-expression an important part of our everyday communication?


The essay submission deadline is 12:00am MST, December 1, for spring semester.


The Blerp Emerging Media Scholarship committee will review all essays received and one winner will be chosen for fall and spring academic semester. The scholarship winner will be announced on the website two weeks after the application deadline. The winner will also be notified via email.