Videogame Meme Soundboard Buttons

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Video games have play a huge role in providing entertainment, education, and behavioral change within our society. The concept of videogames started out in research labs as playful side projects, but has exploded into a 100 billion dollar industry fueling the everyday entertainment for over 2 billion people. Videogames would not even be close to what they are like today without the help of great sound synthesis and audio innovations. Feel free explore our meme sound effects packs and sound buttons!

Video Game Meme Soundboards and Early History of Sound Synths

Blerp has a huge library of the best and most fun video game meme sound effects packs and audio clips. Did you know that the first game arcades machines did not even play music? The first arcade machines actually used mechanical items to generate sound. The idea of sound synthesis through the computer changed the way we experience games because it gave us to ability to play sound from digital devices. The early arcade machines actually used analog signals to generate tracks of sounds. All early home consoles were shipped with digital sound synthesis. The nolstagic tunes of early video games tunes came from the 8 bit limitations of technology. Our gaming consoles of the past could not generate the huge variety of audiowaves that our hardward today has access to today.

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