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Top 12 Best Games to Stream On Twitch In 2019

As more and more people are figuring out how to make money from playing video games, it may be a great idea to jump into the gaming space and see if you can do it too. One of the fastest and most popular ways to make money while playing video games is creating live content for streaming platforms Twitch or Mixxer. It might sound very simple to play video games, but live streaming playing video games can surprisingly be a daunting task to start. You need good equipment, viewers, and a lot of time to successfully grow a Twitch or Mixxer Stream. On top of figuring out the technical problems, you will also need to figure out the business of your stream and as well as what type of games you should stream. We wanted to make the process easier by giving you a list of the top ten best games to stream on Twitch or any other live streaming platform.

What are the best type of video games to stream for new streamers?

There are many different roles and skills for people interested in making money while playing video games. The different jobs that I am sharing with you have huge disparities in pay and technical talent. The amount of time and hard work required to reach each role may differ immensely as well.

1. Warcraft III

Back in the day Blizzard owned the Real Time Strategy space with popular titles such as Starcraft and Warcraft. Warcraft III is a perfect game to stream because of its competitive nature and strong fanbase that it still holds. Despite Starcraft II being more popular, you may be surprised that Warcraft III has a strong fanbase with over 40,000 users still actively playing online. Blizzard has announced that they are remastering Warcraft III. Not only will this rejuvenate the old fanbase it may bring in new consumers into the exciting Warcraft III universe. As a streamer you can jump into Warcraft III and even play some of the fun custom games and mods that Warcraft III online has to offer. Dota, one of the most popular Warcraft III Custom games, has helped pioneer the Multiplayer Online Arena Genre. Depending on what type of gamer you are, it may be fun to stream some custom games and have a more playful stream with your viewers. The online aspect of Warcraft III makes it a great game to play with your viewers as well.

2. Terraria

With every middle school kid and their enthusiastic mom playing Minecraft it may be a good idea to look into other world exploration and sandbox build games. Terraria has been known as the 2D Minecraft. Players in Terraria are digging and finding items. Terraria players can also build items, fight bosses, and progress through the game. Terraria provides a good pace for casual streamers to play the game as well as still communicate with their chat audience. The openness of the game as well as the casualness of the game makes Terraria a great game to play with your viewers as well.

3. Overcooked

One of the fastest growing couch co op games. Cooperative couch games are generally great to stream for new streamers because watching them can be fun because of the interactions happening between the players in the game. There is no high skill generally needed to successfully stream cooperative couch games such as Overcooked. Overcooked is a great game because players are spending time in a high paced environment trying to fulfill orders. The quick pace of how the rounds are led by a timer makes the game experience an easy thrill to watch. The downside to streaming a game such as Overcooked is you generally need friends to make watching the game more interesting. If you want to be a loner, this game may not be for you. If you are a big fan of cooperative games this article may help you.

5. Squad

Squad is a First Person Shooter that tries to simulate military experiences through promoting tactical communication and teamwork. We chose squad over games like Halo and Call of Duty because of the chance of the game’s popularity to exponentially grow. Squad is still in Early Access meaning that the game is not finished yet but it is released to people who want to try it out. It is a good idea for new streamers to try new games early despite the potential for bugs. For example, the Ninja who got good at Fortnite from the beginning probably benefited from Fortnite’s later growth as it became the number one game on the internet. Because of the required focus to play FPS games, it is harder to create an interactive stream while playing a FPS game.

6. Mario Party

Mario Party is one of Nintendo’s oldest and most popular multiplayer titles. Mario Party, similar to Overcooked, is a great game to stream with a fun group of people. Mario Party involves playing minigames, stealing coins and stars, and strategically navigating a map in order to properly beat out your friends. If you have the newest Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch then you may even be able to play with your viewers through Super Mario Party online play. Mario Party titles have been known to destroy friendships. It can be hilarious for viewers to see those friendships destroyed on stream.

7. Runescape

You may have heard of people being paid for critiquing movies, but you may not have heard that the same role exists for video games as well. A video game critic will play games and write very in depth reviews for the video games. A video game critic can provide valuable content for gaming sites and magazines. The game reviews are generally posted on credible gaming forums and magazines to provide gamers in depth into a game. A video game critic can either be hired by the gaming magazine or the game itself. A video game critic could also find a job posting their own content online or working for popular game review channels on Youtube. Depending on the expertise of the critic, a game critic can make as low as 30$ per review to as high as an 80 grand salary. If you are really ambitious you could try starting your own Game Journalism site. The amount of work it takes to successful build a content site is hard. Continually producing content and driving users to the content generally takes more work than one would think. Creating content surrounding videogames does not have to be written blog posts. If you are a talker rather than a writer then you may want to look into creating a podcast or video channel for your video game reviews. A gaming critique will have the chance to play a lot of games but they will mainly be paid for the articles he or she writes. If you are interested in building a career critiquing video games this article might be helpful for you.

8. Apex Legends

Apex legends is the newest popular Battle Royale game on the market. A Battle Royale multiplayer genre where players are put into a map and have to explore, survive, and essentially be the last group standing. As of 2019, Battle Royales are some of the most popular games on the internet. The top three Battle Royales are Fortnite, PubG, and Apex Legends. With all the kids playing Fortnite, you can stand out by playing a version of a Battle Royale with all the cartoon characters stripped out. Streaming a battle royale game may be harder for new streamers because it takes concentration and skill to get really good at playing them. Also in order to stand out in the streaming space you will generally have to be really skillful at the game.

9. Just Dance

If you want a quick way to build a connection with your viewers. Just dance maybe a great game for viewers to get to know you fast. Just Dance is a game where you follow the dance moves of a character on screen. Just dance can generally be streamed by a screen capture and webcam. Just dance can be streamed alone or you can invite someone else over to share the fun. Even if you are good or bad, Just Dance is generally a very humorous video game for people to watch.

10. Dota 2

Dota 2 is the second most popular MOBA on the market. Dota 2 is less popular than its counterpart MOBA game, League of Legends. However, one may find a higher chance of finding a niche within Dota 2 because there are less streamers streaming the game. Just like battle royale games, MOBAs are highly popular and competitive. It generally takes high skill and determination to become a valuable streamer in any game within the MOBA space. If you want to stand out in the MOBA space you can even consider getting good at playing the characters in a nonconventional way using non standard builds.

11. BeatSaber

We couldn’t have an amazing game list without adding a Virtual Reality game to it. Beatsaber is a great game to stream because it’s surprisingly mesmerizing to watch sporadic people swing lightsabers at blocks to a beat of a song. Streaming VR is possible but it requires a bit more setup. The downside to this game is you will need a really good computer and a VR system in order to play it. Streaming a virtual reality game may give you an edge because virtual reality is an industry that is still under developed. Other exciting VR titles to stream are VRchat, and Robo Recall. If you are more curious about streaming even more virtual reality games then this article may help you out.

12. Amnesia

People love the reactions of a streamers playing frightening games. If scary games such as Resident Evil, Dead by Daylight, and Half Life aren’t enough for you then trying a game like Amnesia for your stream may be a great way to attract new viewers. Amnesia is a great game to stream because of the luring mystery and jump scares that exist within the game. If you want even more engagement to your stream you can use our Blerp Twitch Extension and enable the horror sound effects soundboard to your stream. Allowing your viewers to interact with you as you explore the haunted genre will help your viewers feel more invested in the stream and can open up new reactions that make your stream more unique and exciting.

Need more ideas of games to stream on Twitch, Youtube Gaming, and Mixxer? Here are four bonus tips on how you can find more games and ideas to stream.

Find Games With Great Narratives or Stories

Streaming games with a good narrative is a great idea because viewers watching your stream can experience a story with you. Story games provide can provide a movie like experience for those streaming and watching the stream. There are engaging story titles such as Braid, Paper Mario, Undertale, Celeste, Cave Story, The Stanley Parable, Portal 2,To the Moon, and Life is Strange.

Look for New Indie Game or Student Game Releases

If you are an adventurous gamer, it may be fun just to look on Steam and Kickstarter for new indie titles each week to stream. You can even look at colleges with top student video game programs and see if the end of the year video game projects are online to download. Some colleges such as the University of Utah post their published games online. Trying out student indie games will not only be an economical way for you to add variety to your stream but it could also prompt you to find unexplored and aggressively creative experiences. You could even reach out to the students who published the game and see if they had any tips or ideas on streaming their game to people. Streaming upcoming and small developer games are a great way to keep your stream fresh.

Revisit Old Fun Classic Games and Titles

If you are looking for a dose of nostalgia a great way to make your stream fun is to add classic games to your library. It may be fun to pull classic titles from old Sega and Nintendo releases. Viewers may find it enjoyable to see you beat the Classic Super Mario game for the first time or even battling it out with your friends in the old Bomberman games. A great way to access a lot of the older classic games is by downloading a good classic console emulator and downloading ROM files of the game. The legality of emulators is in the grey area. This means that people are not completely certain whether or not using emulators to play games is legal. The uncertainty of the legality may also mean that streaming certain games on an emulator may or may not be compliant with Twitch’s terms of use. While the chances are low for getting banned for streaming old classic games, it is good to understand that using emulators may open some risks.

Try streaming Jackbox TV

Playing games that allow you play with your viewers can be a great way to get your viewers involved. Jackbox TV released a variety of games that allow people to simply connect with using any computer or phone browser. JackboxTV games will remind you of your favorite party board games that you play in real life such as Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. It is very popular for many streamers to stream with their viewers playing Jackbox TV games.

Choosing the right games to stream on Twitch can help you grow followers faster

Starting up a stream and becoming a new streamer can be very overwhelming. Hopefully this list of Best Video Games to Stream can help ease your streaming decisions as you decide to a live streaming career. If you are looking for more ways on how you can make money playing video games, check out our previous post here. If you have comments or suggestions feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or join our Discord Channel. If you have a game that you believe should make our next top game list feel free to share that game with us as well!

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