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Engage Your Community Using Custom Soundboards!

Creating subscriber only and bit soundboards through blerp is simple and easy!

Creating your first custom Sub Only Soundboard?

You must first create an account on Second you should follow this simple guide to create your first custom soundboard.

Feature Your Custom Board on your Twitch Extension

First Navigate to Your Config Panel

Go to config panel

After opening the config find the "Specific Soundboard Settings"

Screenshot of reccomend specific board settings

Click the Select Boards button to open the board chooser modal. Search for the board you created and press confirm.

Screenshot of the open board chooser modal

Your chosen board will appear in the list below. Find your board and set the desired settings on the board.

Screenshot of chosen board

Your viewers will now see the soundboard as a subscriber-only board! If you set a bit amount for the board than that will show up as well!

Screenshot of viewers seeing the subscriber only board

Struggling to make the twitch extension work for you?

Come find us if you need more help!