Your fans deserves a grand entrance

Subscribers or select top fans can set a WalkOn Sound when they enter your stream.

Streamer Settings

Add walkOn Sounds with the Blerp Twitch Sound Emotes Extension

What sounds are viewers using?

Some top walk-on sounds from a variety of channels

More Subscribers with Blerp WalkOn Sounds Twitch Extension


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Q: What sounds can be used on stream?

A: All Walkons need to be submitted and approved by the streamer using the viewer panel.

Q: What about copyright and DMCA?

A: DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which regulates and oversees the rights of content creators and holders. You can read more


At Blerp, we want to make sure you feel secure about using our content in your streams and in your lives. Our goal is to keep our users informed and protected while safely expressing themselves with audio memes on Twitch and everywhere else.

Q: Can I use Walk on even though I’m not an affiliate or partner on Twitch?

A: Yes! In fact some of our most successful streamers have less than 1,000 followers. Small communities that embrace blerp and create their own content have really done well!