Subscribers set a sound to play when they join the stream
A unique way for subscribers to announce their presence.
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Viewers choose from Thousands of Sounds.
They can choose a unique sound from the largest short audio clip library on the internet!
How does it work?
A unique way to announce your presence when you join a stream.
Search our huge library and choose one or more sounds*
Join this stream.
Your selected Walk on Sound will play live on stream.
*The number of sounds you can choose depends on your subscription level.
Use the browser source in the broadcaster config panel to start listening for sounds

Step 1

Stream Audio Clips

Install Extension

Navigate to the install page using the blue action button above. You should then click the install button on the top right corner.

Step 2

Activate Extension

Activate your twitch extension by setting it as a panel or video component. The panel will make the window show up below your video. The component will overlay the window over your stream. The video component will only appear when your stream is live.

Activate Twitch Extension Screen

Step 3

Copy Browser Link Source

Copy the link and enter it into a Broacast Software (OBS, Xsplit etc..) by creating a new browser source. Or paste link into a browser based window. If pasting link into a regular browser you will need to click on the screen before sounds will play. Click the test audio button to check if your panel is receiving sounds.

The browser source location

OBS Example: Add New Browser Source Window

Click the add source button and find the browser option.

Image of browser add button

OBS Example: Paste Link Into Source Window

Enter the url into the browser source box.

Image showing where to enter browser source url
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