Blerp Sound Emotes - Frequently Asked Questions

Twitch Extension FAQ


Q: Which OBS do we support? How do I add Blerp to my OBS?

A: Blerp supports any OBS that accepts a URL element including Stream Labs, Stream Elements/OBS, xSplit, and TwitchStudios.

Blerp OBS Integration Guides

Q: Does Blerp violate DMCA, will my content be struck by copyright if I use Blerp?

A: Blerp's 10 second soundbites are covered by DMCA as they don’t take away from the original content. Learn more about DMCA and Blerp here. If you still have concerns, we recommend using Simple Mode in your Blerp extension, which disables search and limits viewers to sounds from up to five pre-selected, featured soundboards.

Q: I made a Blerp, but I can't find it when I search - where is it?

A: There are a couple of reasons your Blerp may be unsearchable. First, all Blerps must be rated to before they are searchable. Our team manually rates all Blerps, and typically has them rated within 2-4 hours after they are created. For a faster turnaround, you can submit them for review on our Discord. The second reason your Blerp may be unsearchable has to do with a stream's rating. Every stream may allow only certain content rated from G-R, so if your Blerp does not conform to that rating, it will not be searchable.

Q: Is music content safe to use?

A: For streams concerned about music being played in their clips, we have a “no music” filter that blocks all music content from being shared on your stream. This filter can be turned on in your extensions page: Content -> No Music.

Q: Can I use Blerp even though I’m not an affiliate or partner on Twitch?

A: Yes! In fact, some of our most successful streamers have less than 1,000 followers. Smaller streams and chats that embrace Blerp and create their own content thrive in their own unique communities.

Q: How do I use "Sub-Only" sound emotes?

A: Only Twitch Affiliates have Sub-Only options. If you are an affiliate, simply go to: Configuration -> Content -> Add board, then set to, "Subscriber Only."

Q: Can I set individual prices for boards and Blerps?

A: Yes, you can set an individual price for Blerps within a board, including making them free. Unfortunately, we do not have pricing for individual Blerps within a board, but hope to have that feature soon. In the meantime, we recommend organizing boards by share price.

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