Girl Laughing Soundboard

The Three Best Laugh Track Soundboard Sounds

Laughing tracks in movies and sitcoms has been a widely used tactic that was first brought into history to give recorded film a theatrical feel. At blerp we have collected some of the best laugh track soundboards for you to use in your communication and interactions. Here are the three best laugh track sounds we picked from our laugh track soundboards.

The top three list of best laugh track soundboard sounds

1. The classic Sitcom Laugh

The sitcom laugh is hated by some and loved by others. Using laughing sounds in TV shows is a great way to make jokes that aren't very funny more acceptable to laugh at.

2. Princess Bride Vizzini Laughing to Death

One of the most iconic movies in history is the Princess Pride. Most people who watch Princess Bride will not forget the moment where Vizzini laughs to death. This laugh track is a great sound to share when you just want to be really funny and playful with your friends.

3. Baby laughing

Hearing adults laugh gets tiring. This is a baby laugh sound effect. Do I need to say more?

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