Donald Trump Soundboard

Top 6 Best Sound Quotes From the Donald Trump Soundboard

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. He is hated and revered by many people. The Donald Trump Soundboard is perhaps one of the most popular soundboards here on blerp. Here are a couple of highlights from the Donald Trump soundboard.

A list of the top sounds of Donald Trump compiled from the donald trump soundboard

1. We will make America great again

One of Donald Trump's most famous lines is we will make America great again. Some people question why Donald Trump thinks America isn't great. This quote was Donald Trump's slogan in his 2016 Presidential election campaign.

2. We need to build a wall, and it has to be built quickly

One of Trump's most iconic lines is we need to build a wall. Trump has been pushing for major form in immigration. He thinks that by building a wall between America and Mexico we will reduce the amount of illegal immigrants coming into America.

3. I don't give a damn

I don't give a damn is a quote said by Donald Trump. This line is a perfect representation of Donald Trump's brand and character.

4. We need money.

Donald Trump gives advice a lot. One of his best advice that he has ever given resides in the quote, "We Need Money"

5. I have a total net worth and now with the increase it will be well worth over 10 billion dollars.

Donald Trump sometimes says absurd things. This famous quote of Donald Trump is of him claiming to be over 10 billion dollars.

6. Wrong

Donald Trump has sometimes been called a master debater. This famous and well thought out quote is one of Trump's most famous weapons in a debate.

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