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Five Great Audio Quotes from the South Park Soundboard

South park has over 22 seasons of crazy hilarious episodes. South park portrays a great satire on life. On blerp we try to capture the essence of Sound Park through curating the best sounds and audio clips from the series. We compiled all the sounds into multiple South Park soundboards for you to share. Explore the rest of the site to find the best soundboards from the show.

A list of the best sounds from all the seasons of South Park

1. You will respect my Authoritor

One of the most famous lines from South Park is Eric Cartman's "You will respect my authoritor". If you want to impose your authority in conversation feel free to use this funny sound bite in your conversations.

2. I'm doing the best I can

"I'm doing the best I can" is a great quote that we can all secretly relate to. Sometimes in life we feel put together but really we are just crying on the inside.

3. And it's gone

A hilarious quote that perfectly describes what happens to all the good things that come into our life.

4. Screw you guys i'm going home

Sometimes the response in life is to just not care and walk away. Cartman tell us this with this simple audio quote.

5. Yes the Mormons, the Mormons were the correct answer

South park hilariously describes a situation where everyone goes to Hell except for the Mormons also known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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