Bernie Sanders Soundboard

The Top Bernie Sanders Soundboard Bernie Sounds and Sander's Quotes

Bernard Sanders is a USA politician who has served as the junior United States Senator from Vermont since 2007. The Bernie Sanders soundboard is a compilation of Bernie's best quotes from his 2016 Presidential Election race. We are currently aggregrating audio clips for the 2020 presidential Bernie Election. Feel the bern with the best audio clips and soundboards from Bernie Sanders.

The top sounds of Bernie Sanders compiled from the Bernie Sanders Soundboard

1. Here's the simple truth, In America we have a lot of hardworking people who aren't making a whole lot of money

Bernies sanders fights for the people by proclaiming the unfairness in pay. This line is not only a good representation of Bernies radical ideals but also helps explain his fight for social equality.

2. Today the scientific community is virtually unanimous climate change is real it is caused by human activity and we have a moral responsibility

This detailed soundbite is a good showcase of Bernies philosophical and scientic beliefs. Fighting for climate change is a strong stance of Bernie Sander's platform. This quote is powerful because of the theme for moral responsibility that exists within the sentence.

3. Huge

This may just be a line used to mock Donald Trump's use of the word Huge. But Bernie Sanders saying huge is great case that shows how the same words can be said on both sides of a polarized society.

4. We have more people in jail than any other country on earth.

Bernie Sanders likes to pull out facts that blow people's minds. Any correlation that involves jailed people is generally controversial and newsworthy.

5. You talk about an improving economy while we have lost three million private sector jobs in the last two years long term.

Bernie Sanders is generally against monopolies and big corporations. This quote is a good phrase that Bernie says to put blame on the corporations for the lost jobs in the private sector.

6. And we can do it

Some people can't stand Bernie Sanders policies. However, Bernie Sanders optimism is a huge reason why some people like him. This quote of Bernie giving hope to the people is a pleasant way to remember that we can do it.

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