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You can be a soundboard maker after creating an account on Search through the millions of audio clips we have to offer or create your own soundbite!.

The Online Meme Soundboard Creator Tool - How to Make a Soundboard?

Simply hover over a blerp and a share button will appear.

Screenshot of hovering over a blerp on website

Clicking on the share button will open a menu.

Screenshot of clicking on the share button on blerp

The menu will give you the option to add the blerp to an existing or new soundboard.

Screenshot of finding or creating a new board

Once added to a soundboard you will be able to navigate to your profile using the circle in the header and find all the soundboards that you have created.

Screenshot of finding or creating a new board

Blerps Are More Than Just Sound Memes

Make your point, win that argument, get the crowd laughing and generally disrupt the status quo. Living in the digital age requires new ways to communicate and express yourself. Learn more about the Blerp Audio Search engine and start expressing yourself.

The Story of Blerp

Wise software engineers once said... (that would be us, the creators of Blerp) - A Blerp a day keeps a frown away

While this hasn’t been scientifically tested, we still think it’s true. Use the online soundboard maker to setup a board of your own, and Blerp your heart out.

What is Blerp?

Click to find out - what have you got to lose? We promise we don’t bite.

How is Blerp Used?

While Blerp is a custom soundboard maker, we do have a bit of a following on some big name sites like Twitch and Discord (not to toot our own horn).

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Suggest ways to Blerp!

Are you the kind of person that marches to the beat of your own drum? Well make a suggestion to where you would like to see an integration of our sound effects library.

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