Blerp is the product of many late nights hacking on University of Utah’s campus. Our existence has been fueled by a quest to take down and disrupt the soundboard and audio meme industry. There are many sites where people post random sounds just to get traffic to their site. These same sites slap ads on their website in order to make quick money. These sites have no incentive to improve their user experience. These sites maintain user traffic because users like you don’t have a better option. That is unfair. Blerp is the solution to end this madness!


At Blerp, we value having a balanced healthy place for people to work productively. We believe in fostering a community of diverse thinkers who are ready to innovate new ideas and change the world. We value building a product that helps people find and interact with great content. We value having a product that is interesting and enticing for people to work on.


Blerp’s current mission is to be ranked in the top one thousand sites globally by the end of 2018.


Blerp’s vision is to be the best and largest soundboard.


Blerp is built by two college students whose dream is to start a successful consumer app company in Utah. Aaron Hsu and Kepler Sticka-Jones met on campus in their college dormroom. Aaron Hsu loves being a content creator. While studying film and computer science at the University of Utah, Aaron Hsu made his first soundboard app in 2014. He fell in love with the medium after having a hilarious time at a friends house using the simple sound button app. Kepler Sticka Jones is a technolgy enthusiast who has a passion for entrepenurship and solving interesting problems. Kepler is an active open source contributor and has been since he was in diapers. Kepler leads innovation in many big name projects such as the Atom IDE and the Crystal Language.