Add Sound Memes and Audio Clips to Your Zoom Conference Chats using Blerp

Zoom Conference of People Laughing

Video chats aren't silent. Sound is a powerful addition to video chats because we are playing to a human sense that is already present in the conversation.

10 Powerful Ways to Make Your Zoom Business Conferences Calls Better Using Blerp

1. Control the room and bring back attention

It's easy to get off topic especially in meetings with big groups of people. Blerp is a perfect tool to get people's attension again to stay on agenda.

2. Lighten a serious conversation

During a discussion with a room full passionate people, words can be said that hurt people. Sometimes a soundbite is the perfect way to diffuse a tense situation so people can take a step back without blowing up.

3. Break the awkward silience

Sometimes people don't like to talk in video chats. If you are asking insightful questions but people still aren't talking. Then playing a simple cricket chirping soundbite may break the ice and get people laughing and talking.

4. Make your jokes actually funny

People who watch sitcoms get surprised how much less funny shows are without the laugh track. Blerp is a perfect way to add a laugh track so you can emphasize your jokes or turn what could be an awkward joke to a funny one.

5. Get your point across

Honest discussion is good to get goals accomplished and items moving forward. Using Maybe calling someone out in Donald's Trump's voice makes the point more impactful.

6. Make your meetings less boring

Adding sounds to make talking tracks more entataining can be traced back to radio shows and podcasts. Incorpating soundbites into your meeting is a great way to keep your meeting engaging. Sometimes a random dance break is needed within a long tense meeting.

7. Extra recognition and better compliments

It's important to always praise teammates when great work is accomplished. A soundbite can be an amazing way to tell someone "hey what you did was great and let's get loud and excited because of it."

8. Censor out inappropriate comments

Sometimes people say the wrong thing at the wrong time. It can also be easier to play a soundbite rather than yelling shut up.

9. Better describe your feelings

It's hard to express feelings especially in a business setting. Sometimes using a soundbite to accurately describe how you feel about a comment will help everyone get on the same page.

10. You can really troll people

Alright i'm just messing with you now, but I hope you get the point. Soundbites are a powerful tool that shouldn't be forgotten in our video business calls.

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