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Troubleshooting Blerp and Walkon Twitch Extensions!

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Configure extension page is at 'get started' and under 'my extensions'!

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Using bits "Something went wrong message" or incorrect bit values showing up?

Something went wrong Twitch bits

All Permission Settings Must Be Enabled For Extensions to Work

In your extensions config there is a permissions button that navigates to

Image of the permissions button

Find the permissions for the correct blerp extension and make sure all three settings are turned on and green

Twitch extension blerp pemissionsExtension walk on sounds pemissions

Browser Source Disconnected?

The Browser Source Must Be Open

The scene with the browser source must be open. If you switch between scenes make sure every scene has a browser source.

The URL must match exactly the link in your config panel

You can find the blerp config at the extensions page and clicking the gear icon of the extension. Under blerp setup make sure that link matches exactly what you put into your browser source.

Sounds not playing?

Make sure volume is turned up for the browser source

Your streaming software should let you set the volume of that browser source. Our extension also lets you change the volume of the sound playback. Make sure you are not muted on both ends.

Make sure the audio from your browser source is routed correctly

The streaming software sometimes route the sounds to only play through your headphones. Make sure the sounds play correctly to your computer so the stream can pick up the sound!

Not posting in chat?

Make sure both the extensions config and the permissions has chat enabled

You can turn the chat feature on through the extension config panel ( and the permissions page ( Currently extensions don't post to streamlabs chat but Twitch is working on a solution for this.