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Set up your Blerp Extension

First Select your OBS below


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Setup Twitch Blerp extension with StreamLabs
Step by step guide on how to activate your Twitch Blerp Extension.

Add the Blerp Twitch extension to your channel

Step 1 Select new source

Step 2 Select Browser source. Then add source.

Step 3 Name the New Source.

Step 4 Add your url.

Enter URL from Twitch config panel into streaming software to start listening to audio clips from viewers.

Step 5 Text connection.

Test your audio button in the config. A notification should appear in your OBS. Adjust or move the source to customize where your notification appears during the stream.

(Your scene with the browser source URL must be open to hear the audio)

Red Blerp

You're Good To Go

Blerp is ready! Make sure you're connected before you start your stream

Status Connected

(If you switch between scenes make sure every scene has the a browser source)