Mario and Luigi Soundboard

The Top Soundboards and Luigi Soundboards from the Best Nintendo Games

Mario and Luigi games have some of the best sound effects. We have curated fun soundboards from all the best mario games including Luigi's Mansion and Mario Party. Explore all the sound effects on blerp to play and share the best Nintendo Sounds.

The top soundboards and sound effects from all the Mario, Luigi, and Toad games

1. The Mario Party 4 Soundboard

Some of the best sound effects come from the Mario Party games. Mario Party 4 is just one of these fun soundboards from the community.

2. Mario Kart Soundboard

Mario Kart is also one of the longest standing games in Nintendo history. The Mario Kart games are so fun and it is enjoyable to have a great time in Mario Kart Universe. Explore blerp to find all the mario kart soundboards on the site.

3. Mario Enemies Soundboard

The enemies in the Mario and Luigi Universe make some of the cutest and funnest sounds. The Mario enemies soundboard has a good complication of the best enemies from the Mario and Luigi Universe.

4. Luigi Mansions Soundboard

The Luigi Mansion Soundboards on Blerp have some of the funnest screams and quirks of Luigi. We have ghosts sounds and even bowser sounds from the Luigi Mansion's game.

5. The Toad Soundboards

The cute mushroom head toad has many soundboards on blerp. His little grunts can make any party or gathering a bit more fun.

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