Twitch Key Features

Channel Points
Save or set 50+ channel point rewards sounds for your viewers
Sub Only Soundboards
Set soundboards of your choosing for different subscription levels
Subs or top fans can set a WalkOn sound when they enter your stream
Set the Rating.
You choose what sounds your viewer can see and share
Share Cooldown
You set the tone and pace of your stream
Set the Share price for your stream

Streamers Spotlights

Blerp Champion


I'm serious, I have seen huuuuge growth from blerp. I think more streamers should use blerp.

Check out KatyBentz's stream

Blerp Champion


And we love Blerp's because it brings new life to our stream :)

Check out GameSocietyPimps's stream

Top 5 ways to enhance your stream with Blerp

Watch Video

Create a Soundboard of your voice

Create a soundboard from your top twitch clips! Viewers love sharing your voice on stream.

Educate your viewers

Add !blerp command to your stream title with a description of what blerp is.

Install Blerp as a Component

Components helps viewers discover Blerp easier. Find the right content and share sounds at the perfect moment. Increase shares by 20%;

Enable Search Mode

The more content you give your viewers the more opportunities viewers have to create the best moments on your stream.

Feature the right content

You know your community, feature the soundboards of sounds they love.