How to make Custom Soundboards on Blerp

Custom Soundboards on Blerp

Creating custom soundboards on blerp is simple and easy!

First time creating a custom blerp soundboard?

You can be a soundboard maker after creating an account on Search through the millions of audio clips we have to offer or create your own soundbite!.

How to Make a Custom Blerp Soundboard?

Simply hover over a blerp and a share button will appear.

Screenshot of hovering over a blerp on website

Clicking on the share button will open a menu.

Screenshot of clicking on the share button on blerp

The menu will give you the option to add the blerp to an existing or new soundboard.

Screenshot of finding or creating a new board

Once added to a soundboard you will be able to navigate to your profile using the circle in the header and find all the soundboards that you have created.

Screenshot of finding or creating a new board

Struggling to make the best soundboards?

Come find us if you need more help!