Blerp is the product of many late nights hacking on University of Utah’s campus. We started out with one mission and that mission was to take down and disrupt the entire soundboard and audio clip industry. There are many sites where people post random sounds just to get traffic to their site. The current soundboaards slap ads on their website in order to make quick money. These soundboards have no incentive to improve their user experience. Users like you currently don’t have a better option. That is unfair. Blerp is the solution to end this madness!


At Blerp, we believe in fostering a community of diverse thinkers who work hard to innovate new ideas that change the world. We believe in building communities where people aren’t afraid to stand out, take risks, and be different. People who take risks and chase their dreams have a higher chance of building new ideas and changing the world.


Our focus is to build products that truly empower people to create, connect, and communicate in a more unique and human way. Audio takes are attention away from our screens and allows us to focus on the people around us.


Blerp is built by a group of college students whose dreams are to start a successful consumer app company in Utah. Follow us at twitter or our podcast at anchor or our founder’s podcast to listen to our whole story!

Blerp Team Picture