3 Unforgettable Strategies to Maximizing Your Product's Organic Traffic

Trying to market your product? Does your product have what it takes to go viral? Are you trying to expand the reach for your indie video game?

If you are an inventor like me marketing may not be a natural skillset of yours. Through talking with people better than me at the topic such as Keeton from zampi.io I have started to pick up some marketing strategies that has helped us grow blerp. The ability to effectively drive people to your product is part of the game we call business. Your product can get organic (free) traffic or paid traffic. Yes paid traffic is important but I’m only going to explain a use case for getting organic traffic. This article is purely going to explain how you can take advantage of designing a product or game that brings in organic traffic. The case studies we talk about are going pull from real world products or video games.

1. Build something completely different from the industry

A strong branding principle is do the opposite of your competition. The reason you do this is because it makes yourself more memorable and stand out. A great example of this is Tesla’s most recent CyberTruck launch. For the longest time trucks have the classic box shape.It would have been easy for Tesla to launch an electric truck that solves the utility that looks the same as everyone else. Instead Tesla went the extra mile and took completely harsh Sci Fi design for their truck. Not only does this make their truck really cool to talk about but it adds to the coolness factor of owning a Tesla car. 

2. Think of marketing at the beginning of the product development cycle

I had lunch with the CEO from Splitgate a couple weeks ago and we talked about the marketing built into Splitgate. Splitgate is Halo meets portal FPS arena game. The game taps into nostalgic emotions that attracts classic xbox fans as well as the hype factor of mixing the portal feature into the game. If you are designing a product or game from ground up then you have the ability to design qualities into the game that will get people talking about it. If you slap on marketing at the end of the product cycle you may find yourself having a lot of trouble reaching your audience.

3. Design a product that makes people laugh

Humor is a powerful tool for many situations because it can be a clever way to connect with people and get an audience to like you. Humor can be a life changing way to uplift people’s lives. Beat Saber or Flappy Bird are great examples of viral products that makes people laugh. The slight detail in how frustrating Flappy Bird makes it a hot topic to share. The light randomness of Beat Saber and the humors enjoyment one gets from watching people play the game also makes it quite viral. When building a product you could try to think of different aspects of pop culture that you can tap into to trigger funny cues. It can be easy to pull universal references that really relate and uplift your audience such as how Beat Saber has done with mixing a Star Wars weapon with a dance game. If your product design humor is on point then it can really spread in ways that you didn’t even think of.

Next time you think of building a product or game think of how your product really connects with your users? That connection that you drive whether it's through being different or silly can make quite a difference your products’ growth. Are you looking for more organic marketing tips? Are you curious how we got blerp to reach 1 million unique people per week. Email me at [email protected] on idea suggestions of topics are are most excited to hear next! If you enjoyed this article also check out our tips on building your best brand through Twitch.


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