Top 10 best sonic branding sounds

sonic branding

Here's our list for the best sonic branding sounds throughout time.

10. MGM Lion

Although iconic MGM comes in at number 10 on our list because its not EASILY distinguishable from other roars.

9. Intel

Dum dum dum dum. If microprocessors had a band this is their theme song.

8. TMobile

Ding ding da ding ding. A little annoying but somehow still pleasent?

7. State Farm

Like a good neighbor... Stay out of my yard! i mean head, this one will stick with you.

6. Pixar

Our favorite lamp hopping right into our hearts and taking us back to our favorite childhood moments.

5. Mcdonalds

Most might rate Mcdonalds as a top 3 contender. However we feel the timeless relevance of this soundbite has faded throughout the last decade. Most MckyD's commercials don't feature their iconic jingle anymore.

4. Old Spice

Maybe we're all biased to their amazing ad campaigns. "Look at your man, back at me" haha. Regardless the jingle is instantly recognizable and you cant help but remember all the amazing content they've made once you hear that whistle!

3. Netflix

From creating and taking over the streaming industry to being a central piece of meme content we all love our netflix and chill.

2. THX

Heartbeat racing for the start of a highly anticipated flick or because this is maybe one the most intense sounds ever engineered. THX takes number two as it reverberates through your bones and to your ancestors.

1. Windows

In terms of Iconic. Windows shut down theme takes the cake in all categories. Synomous with anything or anyone shutting down, easily recognizable and even pleasant to listen to. Windows is the king of iconic sounds.

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