July Dev Update 2021

dev update

Developer Update July 21 

Hey again Blerp Community, we can’t believe it's already July! With a slight delay on our last release, we will keep this update a little more brief. 

July Update Overview

1. Twitch 3.0 Updates 

2. Blerp Creation Updates

3. Native Desktop App Updates

4. Premium Content 

1. Twitch 3.0 Updates

Since our last update, not too much has changed in terms of roadmap. We’re hoping to launch the new updates in Mid July. You can review the key changes below: 

If you’d like to give more feedback please fill out our survey here: 

2 Minute Twitch Updates Survey (See the new interface!)

2. Blerp Creation Updates

For those of you making Blerps, you've probably experienced some hiccups with the Blerp creation tool over the last few months. It's been a long work in progress, but the core issues have been around IP addresses and how files are queued should be resolved. We pushed a major update in the first week of July that directly addresses this. We'll continue improving and refining the creation experience over the coming months. Please reach out if you have any thoughts or feedback.

3. Blerp Native Desktop App updates

If you haven't heard, the Blerp desktop app will allow you to create shortcuts to quickly play your favorite Blerps through your virtually any audio input/mic (on discord calls, video calls, or just playing with friends). We’re still in a closed ALPHA, but if you’re interested in joining and giving us feedback you can sign up for your chance to be selected to test the Blerp desktop app.

Sign up here: www.blerp.com/desktop-app 

We'll be moving to open beta in early August, so please sign up if you're interested!

3. Premium Content

We’ve been really excited to share this with the Blerp community of content creators! With the full release of desktop app we plan to create options for you, as a creator, to monetize your audio content via exclusive soundboards your fans can purchase and exclusively share across all of Blerps integrations. A special creator portal will be launched in early September that gives access to special creation tools for making Premium soundboards. 

We see this as an amazing opportunity for creators to monetize their unique voice and brand. We’ll be launching this alongside other premium content created by both the team here at Blerp and some cool partnerships in the gaming space! Stay tuned!