The Most Memed

Top Blerp Audio Memes This Month

Have you ever been looking for the perfect way of expressing yourself, making someone laugh, or just communicating a message and a certain movie clip comes to mind? Or maybe a line from a tv show, song lyric or video game. Well, there is a soundboard for that. It’s actually pretty incredible that all over the world - people are interested in using their favorite moments from pop-culture as an audio clip. Not only that, but people take the time to make them available for others to use when they have that “I need and example” moment.

While this may look like a shameless plug for audio search engines, it’s actually more of an exercise in showing what humanity has in common and some of the audio memes that are universally funny.

So for your entertainment here are Blerp’s most searched audio clips and the terms used to find them:

  • Tony Stark Ringtone - apparently I don’t know what this sound like, so naturally I gave it a listen. I can confirm, it's worth all the hype. (Link)
  • They Ask You How You Are Downloaded - Katy Perry is deep, her audio meme might be up there with some of her top songs. (Link)
  • Hump Day Camel Sound Clip - this one speaks for itself, I can even hear the voice in my head. (Link)
  • Donkey Kong Sounds - I am now very intrigued how these sounds are being used, share how you use donkey kong with us! (Link)
  • Pomf Pomf Kimochi - its just so catchy! (Link)
  • Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal - truly a classic. (Link)

Learning more about how people use Blerp, and audio search in generally, is such a fun-insight into how people enjoy communicating. If you are interested in more insights on how Blerp is used, have a suggestion or just want to reach out then contact us today to learn more!