Blerp Response 5/23

Earlier this year, we started a new marketing campaign that involved making Blerps from clips of top creators who found success using our platform. The goal of the campaign was to help viewers and broadcasters see the power of creating new content for their channel. 

As part of this campaign, much of the created content was unsolicited and some was rightfully received poorly by our users.

We created content for broadcasters as a form of outreach without consent, which was clearly a mistake. When we were made aware of how this was impacting creators, we took down this content as quickly as possible. In the future, we will help users make unique content only when they actively reach out to us for assistance. The users themselves will review the Blerps with us and have the final say before they can be made public. We are working harder to make sure Blerp is a safe place for your content. Our first step towards this path is a new unlisted mode that allows you to create a soundboard that only you and your community can view on Blerp. The next step will be adding even more options for you to control which communities can share your content.

We absorbed feedback related to both our outreach campaign as well as our initial response to the criticism. We are shifting resources from outreach to focus on building the success and partnerships of our current streamers.

This has been a time for major learning and reflection for us as a team. We are grateful for those who rightfully pointed out how we can do better and who hold us accountable.   

We apologize to all who have been negatively impacted by our actions and have sent direct apologies to individuals. Because many of our users are in the streaming community, this shortcoming was a tough pill to swallow; we want to be advocates for you and we did not succeed in doing so. 

We will continue to address these topics internally and want our community to know that we welcome your feedback. That communication is vital in helping us continue to learn and be better now and in the future.