Keeping Up With the Content

In a sea of Kardashians, how can you make your content a Kendrick? Let’s unpack that statement a little (and our apologies to Kardashian fans — they actually make great audio memes). We are interested in helping our followers stay on top of new trends in the digital world — taking it and making it your own. To keep your business, brand, blog, etc. running it takes a lot of content, and we are all about getting creative.

If you are familiar with the reality TV star moguls the Kardashians, then you know that no one does “always on” content better than them (or their producers). With every aspect of their life filmed, tweeted, and sold it can be easy for quality to slip through the cracks. What they lack in quality, they make up for in quantity — and does this work? Well according to Forbes ratings are still climbing for the reality tv show with almost 1.5 million tuning into the latest season.

So how do you keep up? Many brands and businesses are judged based on their social media and digital presence — so ignoring the “always on” culture may not be the best move to building your brand. Instead of constantly updating your digital presence, for the sake of having something “new”, make your updates creative and quality.

Take for example Kendrick Lamar, who has crafted both his image and his sound without sacrificing quality. In 2014 he released his genre-bending album To Pimp a Butterfly that shook not only the music world but now has become a major form of recent academic research. 3 years later in 2017, DAMN. was released — and once again broke records with its download and view rate.

The type of reception that both these albums got was not because a similar piece of content came out every week, similar to the last. Instead, it took a hard look at politics, society, pop-culture and other influential elements to create content that spoke into those areas.

Ok, I’m done getting deep and am now going to relate this back to the state of audio, and audio clips. Like everything, the market can get saturated — and making your brand or business stand out depends on the type of content you are using. While gifs will be timeless, text will be essential, and video will be prominent — audio is quickly gaining momentum to surpass many of these forms of sharing.

Audio is becoming more favorable to search engines as it allows for a more accessible desktop experience, as well as serving as the main result option for devices such as Google Home Assistant or Amazon Alexa products. Learning how to use audio clips and audio search engines to help build your brand is one of the best moves you can make in 2019.

Not only is audio becoming more searchable, but it is also more fun and natural. With so much of our communication and interaction in the digital worlds being on screens — it can be easy to forget the people on the other side.

Blerp was created to disrupt traditional ways of communicating and bring back the best parts of communication. Sharing a funny audio clip, creating a personal free soundboard or sending a dank audio meme will bring a smile to your friends and followers — and communicate your point in ways that text and images are not able to.

Audio combines the best parts of gifs and videos to create a medium of its own. Using this in your social media feed, on platforms such as Twitch and Discord, or even just downloading the mobile app and listening to your favorite audio memes with friends.

Start finding mediums and platforms outside the box to grow your brand, and check out our post about the multimedia search engines we are using to get some ideas on how to do this.